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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is Authentication Gateway?


- Authentication Gateway is a service made by PACI as a secure way of doing online transactions which both will help you and the service provider to authenticate to each other through PACI PIN-protected smartcard that is based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure).


What is a "Service Provider"?


- Any government entity or private company that provides "Login with SmartCard" facility.

In other words, a service provider is any entity that provides a service for users and use

Authentication Gateway to authenticate them.


Who is allowed to use authentication gateway?


- Citizens and residents who have smartcards loaded with certificate (digital signature).


What is required to use Authentication Gateway with my smartcard?


- You need a smartcard loaded with certificate and a compatible card reader on your PC or laptop.


How to load smartcard with a certificate?


- You need to visit PACI main office in Southern Surra and request to load certificate into your smartcard and make sure to choose a good PIN to protect it.


How can I use Authentication Gateway?


- First you should go to any service provider website and press on "Login with SmartCard" button. From which you will be redirected to PACI Authentication Gateway website to authenticate yourself. The gateway will ask you to install

browser plugin if not installed. Then, insert your card reader into your PC/laptop

USB and insert your smartcard in the reader. The gateway will ask you to enter

your PIN and will redirect you back to the service provider you came from to continue

your online transaction.


What operating systems and browsers are supported?


- Almost all popular operating systems and browsers are supported. Windows, Mac

and Linux (Debian-based and Redhat-based distributions) are supported operating

systems. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera are supported browsers.


Can I use authentication gateway on iPhone and Android?


- Yes, you can authenticate by username and password.


Where can I get username and password for authentication gateway?


- You need to visit PACI main office in Southern Surra and request a username and password.


Will you sell my data to third party?


- Never! PACI is meant to protect citizens' data in the first place.


What if a hacker stole my PIN ?


- You can change your PIN online with your PC/Laptop through going to Authentication

Gateway website here:https://id.paci.gov.kw/


What if I lost my smartcard ?


- Call PACI at 1844447 and request certificate revocation and then get a new one.


Does authentication gateway support Multilanguage interface?


- Yes. Arabic and English so far.


Do you have a Privacy Policy?


- Yes. You can read it here:https://id.paci.gov.kw/PrivacyPolicy.aspx


How do I logout from Authentication Gateway?


- Click on "Logout from Authentication Gateway" in service provider website.


What if I have another question that is not in the list?


- You can contact us through 'Contact us' page:https://id.paci.gov.kw/contactus.aspx